Cathy Woo

My paintings reflect a lifetime spent walking outdoors.

"Walking in Nature" has always been my physical adventure. "Painting" has become my philosophical adventure. I Paint the patterns of Nature. I Walk with Artist Eyes. The combination of the two practices is the way I explore the world I live in. When I walk, I absorb patterns, shapes, spaces, arrangements, values and colors. The patterns and shapes appearing in many of my paintings mimic those I have seen on my walks.

It is not sufficient for me to be passively present in Nature. I have to walk it. Movement is essential to my well-being. Walking releases me from my linear, rational mind. It induces a sort of “creativity trance” which provides insights more enlightening than any I could come up with by way of stationary concentration and effort.

Correspondingly, the practice of painting has induced insights about Nature. Solving the riddles of painting composition reveals to me the often invisible forces of rhythm, balance and pattern at work outdoors. My understanding that the forces operating in my paintings are the same as those at work in nature was the epiphany that led to my creative breakthrough.

Available Pieces