Cheryl Zahniser

Cheryl Zahniser is a Fine Artist painting out of her studio in SODO. She attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a BFA in painting. After graduation, Cheryl applied her creativity to the world of advertising and branding for Nordstrom.

Since 2006 Cheryl dedicated her passion back to her fine art and studied with various artist: Tony Ryder, Steven Assael, Michael Grimaldi, Costa Vavagiakis, Bo Bartlett, and Peter Van Dyck. Their workshops and mentorships helped inspire her work and expressing the world around her.

Cheryl’s current work has been focused around large format still-life and figurative pieces in oils, charcoal and glass.

Cheryl has been on the board of Pilchuck Glass School and will chair the Board of Visitors for the school of architecture and allied arts for the university of Oregon. Thank you for viewing her work.

Available Pieces