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Joseph Ungari

I have often marveled at the obscure and sometimes very hidden aesthetics of everyday things and situations.

We usually see past the obvious, keeping what’s ‘hidden in plain sight’ out of our consideration. Our lives move too fast now to register the details; we either miss it altogether or visually slide past it and then it’s gone. The visual intrigue of such situations has become an artistic muse.

Both urban and rural, macro vistas and micro closeups all have such potential. At some point my paintings drive themselves, and I am surprised at the results, as it’s always much more than I bargained for. My approach is always oil paint on canvas, producing a combination of both abstract and realism within the same work. I like the selective focus realism can give, and the more emotional feeling layers of abstract effects offer within the same scene. The abstraction seems to represent my peripheral vision when trying to capture a scene, or how I feel about it later as I remember it.

Painting ‘technology’ has been interesting as it has its own aesthetic, and it is great to fully examine it for its own sake. Upon close inspection thru the eyes of the artist, what is an eyesore to some, becomes a marvel of geometry, shapes and colors;, as sophisticated as any landscape or still life of more traditional subject matter. It just needed the time to pause and be considered.
— Joseph Ungari
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