Gordy Edberg


“From the time of my high school education, through college and my professional career as an architect, I have been fascinated by the landscape. Drawing and painting has been my focus in appreciating and responding to nature, both untouched or with man's influence on it. I am most interested in reflecting what I see and experience from the landscape in paintings which enhance the mood and setting with unexpected color, elements of abstraction, calligraphy, marks and incising the surface. I paint on cradled panel with a combination of oilbar and oil paint and brush or pallette knife.

The square format, with its harmony of shape, is a useful and non-natural approach. By using the square structure, the landscape subject is contained, and it removes the expected topographical connotations. There are segments, fragments, sections of the landscape and their abstract qualities which are allowed to come forward. I look for change occurring, things disappearing, other characteristics of the environment that suggest potential for abstract expressions. The goal is for the formal subject matter to be seen as a composition, an arrangement of shapes, colors and aesthetic qualities while still suggesting place.”

Edberg's work has been recognized with awards from the Northwest Pastel Society, the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, and the honor of "Best of Show" at the Washington State Convention Center Art Exhibition. His work is housed in both private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., and is regularly exhibited in galleries on both the East and West coasts.

Available Art Work