Uyen Tran-Gjerde


Uyen Tran-Gjerde is a figurative painter who has always held a fascination for abstract art. She uses both color and shape to convey a sense of dimension, depth and meaning. Her primary focus continues to be the figure as she is most interested in the human condition — the psyche, what’s hidden beneath the surface. She creates a world where dream and reality converge. Her art expresses a sense of joy, tranquility, and mystery.

“My work is consistently evolving. I may try to urge it to move in a particular direction but the images seem to have a life of their own. I’m persuaded to let go and follow in the unpredictable assemblages of shapes, color, and form. The figurative form is very relevant to my personal journey with the addition of geometric shapes and organic forms dotting the landscape. I combine the natural and unnatural world onto one plane, exploring the connections between the two ideas. Playing with flat shapes floating amidst a seemingly natural world distorts the space into different layers of reality.”

Available Art Work