Nikki Brook


Nikki Brook’s artwork is a visual dialog between physical and spiritual aspects of human experience. Through her work, she hopes to evoke emotion and reflection. Distilling subjects down to their essential qualities, creates a spacious and evocative mood for viewers to feel and explore.

Nikki prefers working in monochromatic and edited color palettes, as they allow her to emphasize tonality, atmosphere and negative space. She describes her painting process as responsive and intuitive, with the direction of the work often influenced by the colors and materials she’s working with. Nikki uses many layers of a variety of mediums to build and define the surface of her work . She considers composition and color, while allowing room for discovery and spontaneity.

Nikki Brook studied Fine Art at San Jose State University, and has been teaching art for over a decade. Through teaching, she’s reminded of the doubts everyone faces during the creative process. She finds reward in guiding people through challenges and watching them find their own artistic voice.

In 2018 Nikki Brook received the “Finest Artist” award in Gig Harbor. Her work can be found in homes around the country. Most days Nikki is at work at MOOD STUDIO, in Gig Harbor, Washington. This is also where she displays her paintings and teaches weekend workshops and art classes. In addition, Nikki’s work is represented by the Michael Birawer Gallery in Seattle. She also works with Seattle Art Source connecting her paintings with interior design professionals in the Puget Sound area.

Available Art Work