Nikki Brook


As a contemporary visual artist, Nikki Brook endeavors to evoke feelings, rather than expressing conceptual ideas. She visually integrates physical and spiritual aspects of life into her work, distilling subjects down to their essential qualities in order to create an evocative mood for viewers to feel and explore.

Brook is inspired by nature, textiles and design, and translates those elements into atmospheric paintings. She utilizes a minimalist aesthetic through monochromatic and edited color palettes, with emphasis on tonality, atmosphere and space.

She describes her process as responsive and intuitive, where the process and materials influence the direction of the work. Using layers of ink, acrylic and oil paint on wood panels and canvas, Brook builds and defines the surface of her paintings. She considers color and composition while allowing room for experimentation and spontaneity.  

Nikki Brook studied Fine Art at San Jose State University and has been teaching art for over a decade. In 2015, She opened MOOD in Gig Harbor, Washington, where she displays her paintings and teaches weekend workshops and art classes.

Available Art Work